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Did you know?

Fear of rejection

often stops candidates

from asking for a new position they want and deserve. It is a mortal enemy to rapid career growth.

    “Aim for the highest. You cannot
    push someone up the ladder unless
    he is willing to climb.”

    - Andrew Carnegie

Are the professional accomplishments you’re most proud of on the page? What about the expertise and talent and professional strengths that took hard work to develop? If not, why not? Is it designed to catch a decision maker’s eye? Be sure. The stakes are high when dealing with your professional future.

Excellent cover letters are simply the start. The importance of follow-up letters or email cannot be over emphasized. And one size most certainly does not fit all. We write letters for our clients that are tailored to individual opportunities, personalities and industries. Your success is worth the effort.

Interview Coaching
Think hard about this fact of life. In searching for work, there is nothing more important than your ability to establish a rapport with the person across the desk. Not talent or desire will do the job if you’re not speaking with energy and confidence. Fair? Maybe not. Accurate? Without question.

Network Development
Everyone knows how to network. Or do they? If you’re asking most people you meet for a job, or asking them to point you to a specific “opening,” there is a better way. Executives who find new career challenges quickly do it without putting pressure on anyone. And isn’t the goal a short job search?

On-Going Direction
Have you ever felt confused or even devastated when looking for a new career? What to do next? Many people want guidance throughout the job search. These clients have regularly scheduled meetings and constant contact through email and telephone. There is always a next step. Make it the right one.

We provide all day workshops for men and women at all levels of professional achievement. Valuable insights into effective job searching are gained through group interaction. And throughout, each participant focuses intently on individual abilities. Exactly why will the next job be offered? And anyone who says “because I’m results oriented,” does 50 pushups…

Career Management
It’s a great feeling to start a new job and face stimulating new challenges. But how do we maximize this opportunity while avoiding common pitfalls? Sometimes a needless political fight erupts. Or an important proposal needs writing. Or a terrific promotion just didn’t happen. Why? Being “ahead of the curve” is critical. Your career development should not allow for guesswork.

Telling an employee that his or her services are no longer needed is, by anyone’s definition, an unpleasant task. We are available to meet the client on-site at the time of termination. The full range of our services can be utilized to ensure as seamless a transition to the next position as possible.

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