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Did you know?

Many talented people

labor over a resume,

producing wasted time for their efforts. Your career summary should be in the hands of a professional writer.

    “The important thing is not to stop
    questioning. Curiosity has its own
    reason for existing.”

    - Albert Einstein

Are you a recruiter? Do you work with companies to fill specific openings?
No. Recruiters are paid on a contingency basis, meaning they get nothing if a position isn’t filled, or they’re paid on retainer. In either case, they do not work for or represent the individual, but the corporation. It’s a mistake to think the recruiter’s primary loyalty is to the individual job seeker.

Exactly what does your company do?
We provide a range of career marketing and career management services. Put it another way. We train individuals to skillfully and energetically look for new employment. And we’re available to work closely with the client until the new position is firmly in hand…and beyond.

What does that mean?
I’m referring to the help we can provide after a client begins his new job. What good does it do to win a great offer, and repeat the mistakes of the past, to continue the same things that produced a job campaign in the first place?

Are most of your clients unemployed?
Many people have been terminated or forced to “voluntarily” resign. Others are still holding full time positions, but have grown stifled due to overwork, lack of growth potential or not enough money. In either case, we can and we do build a program tailored to the individual’s needs and schedule.

Is there one set fee for the people you work with?
No. The fee will vary depending on the time and work involved in the project, and the services a particular client chooses. Not every person who goes to a doctor has the same problem. Not every person who comes into my office has the same professional needs.

Do you guarantee a new position within a certain period of time?
That’s impossible. We provide first rate career coaching services that have earned high marks from senior executives working in many industries. So, while there are no “guarantees,” our success is a matter of record.

Have you worked with any people from my industry?
Most probably. We have played a critical role in the success of clients looking for work in the financial sector, manufacturing, sales, marketing, military retirees, advertising, attorneys, retail, customer service, engineering, computer science and many other fields. However, we are very candid if we do not believe our services would benefit an individual.

Do you have offices in cities other than Louisville, KY?
No. The “usa” in our name refers to the fact that we have been instrumental in helping executives win high level positions from California to Florida. And many points in-between. An efficient long-distance campaign can actually be easier than most people think. If it’s done correctly.

What happens when a client is having problems? Do all of your clients win new positions without experiencing difficulties?
It would be nice to say that, but the real world is considerably different. We never give up on a client. No matter what the problem, we analyze the reasons for its existence, and take aggressive action to correct it. Our core belief is that if a client follows our lead, has or allows us to help with the “self confidence” factor, we will be successful.

Is there a particular client profile you work with?
No. Over the years we have helped many, many senior executives making well into six figures. On the other hand, frequently we’ve been instrumental in getting an individual’s career virtually started. That would include some people who have been in the work force for a few years, and are sadly underpaid, and sometimes new college graduates. Again, it depends on individual client need.

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