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Did you know?

Simply answering

questions in a job

meeting is woefully inadequate. You MUST be assertive in describing your professional expertise, in describing you, the product.

    “Courage is rightly esteemed the first
    of human qualities…because it is the
    quality which guarantees all others.”

    - Winston Churchill
The confidentiality of our clients is sacred. Below are a few random quotes, e.g. about как создать приложение для андроид, from satisfied job seekers who had the courage to change their professional lives.z

“The career transition such as the one I just experienced is often extremely stressful. I think my situation was more so due to having no professional contacts in this area. However, your professionalism, personal dedication and attention to detail made my foray not only a smooth one, but a pleasant learning experience. As a Human Resource Director, I may call upon you for future management candidates at _____.”
Human Resources Director

“Thank you for your valuable guidance and advice. Your coaching on networking and negotiating was especially helpful. I look forward to a beneficial business relationship with you, as we continue to “monitor” my career progress.”
Senior Financial Executive

“Fantastic news! I received a job offer from ______a few days ago. Based on company direction and compensation, this is a very good opportunity. I want to thank you for your direction and support. Without a doubt, your process has been a fantastic advantage during my job campaign.”
Manufacturing Manager

“Last week when I was fired it really took me down a notch. So, when you said you would see me, even though it had been years since I had talked with you, I was elated! You treated me as if I were a long lost friend. Thank you for your care, concern and professional coaching.”
Regional Retail Manager

“I want to take this opportunity to share with you how much your advice and support have meant to me over the past few years. Your guidance has not only helped with my career search, but also in decision-making at work. I will stay in touch.”
Senior Organizational Development Executive

“A brief note to thank you for your help during my long distance job campaign. The methods you introduced to me worked more rapidly than I ever imagined. I had several offers to consider, three of which hit the bulls eye for location. Needless to say, I would recommend you to friends and colleagues contemplating a career search.”
Senior Manufacturing Executive

“Larry, I just want to thank you for your assistance in my successful job campaign. Specifically, you were a big help in developing my message, interviewing techniques and raising my overall confidence. Thanks again, and I look forward to continuing our working relationship.”
Director Customer Service

“I sincerely appreciate the assistance you gave me when I was searching for a new position. I am now Chief Operating Officer at ______. If I can do anything to help you in the future, please let me know.”
Senior Operations Executive

“Larry, thank you very much for all your help. Working with you provided me with a tremendous boost of confidence by giving me the tools to conduct an effective marketing campaign. My resume and your training in how to handle tough questions made the difference. Please continue to help others the way you have helped me!”
Sales/Marketing Executive

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